Telehealth is healthcare at a distance facilitated by technology. Telehealth is the opportunity, in some instances, to have a consultation with a specialist in the city without leaving Apollo Bay.

Apollo Bay Medical Centre provides support for video consultations with Telehealth Enabled Specialists in other health services. 
Telehealth consultations can be with the support of a GP or Practice Nurse, or independently using the technology available at the hospital.

Apollo Bay Medical Centre also offers private consultations with our GPs via telehealth. Telehealth consultations will incur a fee. Please refer to our “Fees” page for details. A Medicare rebate is available for patients who have had a face-to-face consultation at the Apollo Bay Medical Centre within the past 12 months.

Video consultations can be booked by phoning the Apollo Bay Medical Centre on 5237 8595 or by click the button below.

Useful links for patients around Telehealth Calls: